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Gintas K - Taip Taip [zero019r]

  • Artist: Gintas K
  • Title: Taip Taip
  • Format: CDR
  • Release Date: Sep, 2004
5Kai Nuvaziuosin 13:28MP3
4Taip Taip 4:46MP3
3Titled #7 1:20MP3
2Titled #5 1:30MP3
1Titled #1 1:34MP3


Gintas K (Kraptavicius ) born in 1969 . Since 1994 participating in Lithuanian experimental music scene on various projects . Gintas K was core member of the first Lithuanian industrial electronic music band Modus which one finished existence on 1998 . From 1997 to 2000 worked on radio station Kapsai as alternative radio show The Ways and Mistaken Pathways editor . He became known for his sound actions, theatrical performances and conceptual art in the manner of Fluxus. Since 1999 Gintas K working as sound-artist who is exploring digital minimal sounds, sine waves,noise ,glitches, microwaves and acoustic vibration ; participating in exhibitions, making music for films. In Taip Taip, Gintas K presents 4 tracks of ultra minimal beats and organic droning.