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Valentina Vuksic - Tripping through runtime [zero124]

  • Artist: Valentina Vuksic
  • Title: Tripping through runtime
  • Format: Net Release
  • Release Date: Aug, 2011
8Boot on Powerbook G3 3:54MP3Flac
7Norton and Stresslinux and Puppylinux on Compaq Armada 1580DT4:41MP3Flac
6Sugar on a stick on Acer Aspire16803:47MP3Flac
5Symphonie of statics calculation tools on HP Pavillion 4:55MP3Flac
4Batchloop on Thinkpad G403:23MP3Flac
3Console linux on Thinkpad R40e 2:49MP3Flac
2Xwoaf from floppy on Compaq Armada E500 2:53MP3Flac
1Boot on Maxdata1:11MP3Flac


Acoustic trips through the magnetic spheres of motherboards.

Plunge into the invisible relationships of hard and soft computer matter by acoustic means. A collection of laptops are examined via electromagnetic induction pickups. Booting up an operating system starts the travel into this space emerging between hard- and software. Operating systems, tools and custom programs are utilized to bring the characteristics of each computer into the limelight.

Machine noises mediate for the public. They reveal the activity of computer programs in the widest sense and the activity of the computer parts they are running on. Time and space of computer processes run through different levels of reality during "runtime". Software being processed within this coordinate system creates its own temporal and spatial dimensions, which are staged for an audience to provide a sonic experience: that of logic encountering the physical world.